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My name is Dezarae’. i am originally from Hutchinson, Kansas. i joined the military at 17 served 4 1/2 years. The military itself was not bad, but i delt with alot concerning people in the military. I taught myself to crochet when i was twelve, havent done much until late 2008. When i crochet and knit it makes me feel like i belong to something. Its the one thing in my life that i can fix if i mess it up. I am working on slowly starting up a business which will be called Making Traditions. Making Traditions is a store for all ages and all sexes. You can learn anything from needlepoint, spinning fibers, crochet, knitting, canning, cooking, baking, vegetable gardening tips, sewing, Quilting, preserving, and freezing. Along with being a one stop shop for all these categories. The motto of my business is “making yesterday’s talents, today’s traditions”. My goal is to find a link between the past and the present to bring families of all generations together. while also providing skills which will come in handy for the rest of one’s life.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


composure |kəmˈpō zh ər|
the state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself : she was struggling to regain her composure.
ORIGIN late 16th cent. (in the sense [composing, composition] ): from compose + -ure .

I find myself walking mindlessly through the roads of life. At a young age we are taught that being american is to stand up for what you believe in. What you believe in makes you who you are. So when you are in the eye of the storm, you know which route to take out of the storm. Although it is easy to say, it is not exactly easy to do. Although One living in america see's these values as the way of life, The human part of one seems to take over. Although you want to stand your ground and enforce what you feel is correct, Being human also engulfs me with the feeling to please my loved ones around me, even if his or her beliefs are completely different. Does this mean someone is wrong? No it doesn't. It just means we are human. This is where compromise comes in. But then when are you compromising or letting the other person take the controls of your life. Are you wrong for trying to compromise for the fact the other person in question thinks you are running your life wrong and tries to take over? I suppose this would be the reason why wisdom comes with age. The secrets of life are only reviled through experience.

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